Visualizing Climate Change 2016 – ALIVE!

Visualizing Climate Change and Flooding in Surrey, British Columbia

Environmental Land Planning Studio, 2016

Studio Professor: Brent Chamberlain

Project Description

This comprehensive Semester long project looks at sea level rise in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Comprehensive geo-spatial analysis shows that much of the region will be impacted by sea level rise, caused by climate change. Much of the class involved creating VR ready 3D environments and immersive visualizations showing the effects of sea level rise in 2040 and 2100.  
Beyond the comprehensive analysis and visualizations, the class looked at developing environmental design and planning strategies to address the growing concerns over sea level rise. Designs range from creating a network of barrier islands, dyes, or a super dyke; each with their own set of design strategies.   

Tools and Technology 

  • ArcGIS and ESRI City Engine
  • Unreal Engine
  • Google Earth
  • Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator