Visualizing Urban Development: Improved Planning and Communication with 3D Interactive Visualizations

Ryan Albracht, 2016, MLA, Kansas State University (thesis link)

Major Professor: Brent Chamberlain
Project Completed while Dr. Chamberlain was at Kansas State University

Key Words: ESRI CityEngine; Procedural modeling; 3D visualization; Urban design; Community engagement; Virtual reality

ⒸRyan Albracht

Project Description

This project looks at how 3D interactive visualization software and technology is used in landscape architectural design. It focuses on procedural modeling software and how it can be utilized by designers. Choosing the Proposed Manhattan Urban Core Residential District, the project lays out the capabilities of procedural modeling software and how to utilize it. 

Tools and Technology 

  • ESRI CityEngine
  • Other Software –  Unity Web Engine, ArcGIS
  • Virtual Reality Hardware (discussed but not used as a tool)