The Mind, the Narrative, and the City: How Narratives of Place in Cognitive Maps

Timothy Kellams, 2017, MLA (thesis link)

Major Professor: Brent Chamberlain
Project Completed while Dr. Chamberlain was at Kansas State University

Key Words: Cognitive maps; Narratives; Spatial cognitive schemas; Experience; Urban form; Map visualization

ⒸTimothy Kellams

Project Description

This Report looks at how narratives of urban experiences influence one’s understanding of space and urban form, and how these can give meaning to place, create memories, and help in creating cognitive maps. A cognitive map is a map of ones’ own perception of place and space. This project looks at how cognitive maps can visualize how people deal with unfamiliar places and cope with it. Results show that cognitive maps are good tools for visualizing personal experiences within the urban fabric. 

Tools and Technology 

  • Mapping – ArcGIS