Investigating Influence of Streetscape Elements on Individual Preference

Rebecca Liu, 2015, MLA (thesis link)

Major Professor: Brent Chamberlain
Project Completed while Dr. Chamberlain was at Kansas State University

Key Words: Psychophysical approach; Streescape elements; Pedestrian-friendly street design; ANOVA

ⒸYue (Rebecca) Liu

Project Description

This project investigates how people react to certain elements in public space. It investigates environmental psychology and user preferences. Using the Aggieville business district as a study site, the project prescribes various design changes and tests survey participants’ reactions to visualizations for these designs. Results show that reactions to parking and green infrastructure were statistically significant in attractiveness and safety, seating had no significant reaction.

Tools and Technology 

  • Visualization Software – Photoshop, Sketchup