Investigating Stress Triggers and Characteristics of the Built Environment

Parker Ruskamp, 2016, MLA (thesis link)

L.R. Quinlan Award
Major Professor: Brent Chamberlain
Project Completed while Dr. Chamberlain was at Kansas State University

Key Words: biofeedback; built environment; stress; electrodermal activity; human perception; spatial experience

ⒸParker Ruskamp

Project Description

This project looks at how the physical urban environment effects mental health and well being. Citing urbanization across the globe, the study looks at stress-related responses to various urban environments and elements.  The study had participants walking along a pre-determined route, where biometric data would be collected. The data was then mapped in GIS software.  

Tools and Technology 

  • Biometric Data Collectors – E4 Empatica Watch
  • Polar V800 Watch and Electrode Strap 
  •  GoPro Camera
  • Software – ArcGIS