Envisioning 3D Learning Environments in Environmental Education

Natalie Webb, 2015, MLA

Major Professor: Howard Hahn
Project Completed while Dr. Chamberlain was at Kansas State University

Key Words:  Environmental Education; 3D Learning Environment; Virtual Reality; Ecological Management; Konza Prairie; Oculus Rift 

ⒸNatalie Webb

Project Description

This project is an exploration into how visualization technologies can enhance environmental awareness towards environmental systems and processes. The project looks at creating a framework for an immersive 3D learning environment in which users are taught about local environmental issues and management practices in the Konza Prairie, a research facility run by Kansas State University. The storyboard that this project resulted in would become the framework for the Fall 2017 Advanced Landscape Architecture Studio. 

Tools and Technology 

  • Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset
  • Software – Unity, ArcGIS