Tools and Technology

ALIVE! Technology in Action

Explore the Breadth of the ALIVE! Laboratory Tools and Technology:

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  • Innovative tools allow for complete visual immersion, to conduct research or build understanding. From virtual reality headsets to custom immersion displays, the ALIVE! laboratory utilizes immersion to meet its goals.  


Virtual Reality Headsets:
     – Occulus Rift 

Immersion Projection:
     – Mobile Immersion Screen (MIS)

360 Degree Camera
     – Samsung Gear 360


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  • The various ALIVE! research requires a demand for data that can be collected in real time. Various tools are utilized to do so ranging from aerial imagery, to biometric data collection.  

     – DJI Maverick Pro

Biometric Data Collection:
     – Empatica E4 Watch (Electrodermal Activity & Heartrate) 
     – Polar v800 Electrode Strap (Heartrate & GPS)
     – GoPro Camera (Record First Person Experience)

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  • While the ALIVE! laboratory utilizes hardware to conduct research, computer software is the framework for conducting every project. From visualization software, to parametric modeling, software is what guides ALIVE! research forward.

Mapping and Analysis:
     – ESRI ArcGIS

Immersive 3D Modeling:
     – Unreal Engine 4
     – Unity Web Engine

Parametric and Real-time 3D Modeling:
     – ESRI City Engine
     – Lumion 

3D Modeling:
     – Trimble Sketchup

Static Visualization Software:
     – Adobe Suite