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Evaluating Stress Recovery by Exposure to Nature in Virtual Reality

Laura Vallo, 2017, MLA 

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Key Words: Virtual reality;  Stress recovery; Environmental psychology; Unreal engine 4; Landscape architecture

ⒸLaura Vallo

Project Description

This report looks tests the effectiveness of Virtual Reality as tool for remediating stress. Based on the environmental psychology studies of Roger Ulrich, this study is one of the first of its kind. Two virtual environments were created for people to work through. One with a high degree of exposure to nature, and the other a lesser degree of nature exposure. Results showed both were effective in reducing stress.

Tools and Technology 

  • Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset
  • Biometric Data Collectors – E4 Empatica Watch
  • Software – Unreal Engine 4, World Machine



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